Jumbo Sticky Rounds - by Stampin' Up!

Hi - Ribbon flowers are all the rage in the crafting world lately!  They can be made many different ways but the most common is with a needle and thread and a running stitch along the bottom edge of your ribbon.  Now Stampin' Up! has a new product that makes flower creating so easy - jumbo sticky rounds!
(Jumbo Sticky Rounds - by Stampin' Up!)  You can use any width ribbon or tulle or fabric to create a 2½" flower.  Here is an example:
This flower is made with the seam binding ribbon.  Start with a knot in the middle of the sticky round and then twist the ribbon and push it down into the stickiness.  Around and around you go until you have a flower.  I tucked 2 ribbon loops on the side for leaves and a jumbo pearl in the center to cover the knot.  Easy as that! :)

Holler if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by - kirstin