Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini Nature Walk…

Hi – Since I liked the last card so much, I made a mini version!  This one is 3x3 and very similar.  But – it looked a little pitiful all on it’s own so I made a coordinating card and then a box to put them in.  Might have gotten carried away a bit… :0)




This stamp set is not one I would usually be drawn to but I took a chance on something different and really like the results.  Hope you do too!


Thanks for stopping by -



tiffany bauer said...

I just love this little box and cards set!! I will be featuring this box on My Crafty Picks #9 on 3-27-11. If you wish to decline please contact me at

Take care

kirstin said...

Thank you - that's very kind of you!

Jen Timko said...

Gorgeous set!! Thanks for the link to the box tutorial, too.

Jess Campbell said...

These are beautiful! I wasn't going to buy this stamp set but now i think i will have to!