One more swap to share

This is a gift card holder I made to swap.  I used the Island Oasis DSP.  One of my pet peeves is wasting paper so I made this from a 6x6 piece with very little left over at all!  I had a bigger version too but it wasn’t as efficient.  I’ll post that one too though in case you prefer a larger size.  Anywho – here’s how you make this one.  Picture or Video 786

Start with a 6x6.

Cut it to 5x6.  Save the 1x6 for the inside pocket.

Fold the 5x6 in half so it’s now 3x2½.

From the open edge, measure in ½” and make a small mark.  Do both sides.  From that mark, cut a straight line down to folded edge corner.  This tapers the sides just a bit to be more purse shaped.

Open it up and adhere the strip you cut off earlier Picture or Video 787 along the fold of one side.  This becomes the pocket to hold your gift card or business card so don’t glue it all the way – just the edges and a bit of the bottom edge.

Cut a Top Note with the Big Shot to be the purse flap.  Fold it in half and adhere half to the back of the side with the pocket.

Decorate the flap, add a little velcro closure and there you have it!  You could add ribbon handles if you wanted but it’s so small, I kind of like the way it looks like a clutch instead of a big bag purse.

Holler if you need better instruction or more pictures.  I’m happy to help!

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