School’s almost over! :0)

Hi – Tomorrow is the last full day of school!  Kids are cheering, moms are…cheering too! :0)  Here are a few year end teacher gifts and cards.  Julie and I stuck our heads together and came up with these “Fab 5” made with the First Day stamp set.

Picture or Video 612

Well, that’s 3 out of 5!  They are:  a bottle of hand sanitizer (and what teacher doesn’t need plenty of that!), a notepad with a magnetic closure and a tri-fold “Good Student” coupon holder.  Isn’t that worm a hoot?!  On the card, I used the word window punch to make the book shapes that he’s perched upon.  Check Julie’s out at They are slightly different since we get to yakkin’ and forget what we’re doing! 

 Picture or Video 615 Picture or Video 618 Picture or Video 617

Here’s the inside of the coupon holder plus the two cards to round out the 5 projects.  Hope you like them!  Holler if you have any questions -