Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a simple thing…

Hi – Tonight’s post shows how just a simple thing like a pack of tissues newly imported 986 can get all dolled up with just a few supplies!  Tissues aren’t exactly a glamorous thing, but when you need one, you need one!!  These packs are just the individual ones you can find to carry in your purse or car.  They happen to have a monogram on them so that will be a nice surprise when the recipient pulls one out – but any small pack will do.  I wrapped each pack in some DSP with a contrasting band around the middle, added a little ribbon and a tag.  I plan to give them to newly imported 989 some coworkers (Colleen, you get a sneak peek!!) since we work together in a preschool and there are always sniffles around.  There wasn’t much room to put a message so I made that piece that pulls out at the top.  It’s just 2”x3” but enough room to write a short note.  The rhinestone brad and starburst stamp give it some glitz.  So find some little tissue packs and give them a shmancy look with some papers and ribbons – think how cute these would be along with some tea bags or chicken soup for someone who doesn’t feel well.  Thoughtful and practical!  Thanks for stopping by -


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