Frankenstein Lollipop Details

Hi – I had a few questions about dimensions for the Halloween things we made fornewly imported 957 my kids’ class – about the Frankenstein in particular so here are some of the dimensions.

For the Frankenstein lollipop cover, the green piece measures 7”x2½” and is folded in half.  I punched a small hole on the fold in the center for the lollipop stick to go through.  I punched a slot punch through the top pieces and tied a ribbon to hold it shut.  His nose is a tab punch cut in half.  His ear bolts are the other half of that tab punch cut in half again.  The eye circles are the ¾” circle punch with wiggle eyes on top. His hair is actually a grass die cut turned upside down.

For the witch’s hat, the black piece measures 4”x8”.  Score it at the halfway point (4” in the 8” side).  Mark the center of the 4” side at 2”.  Draw a score mark from the center to the outside edge of that center score line to form the triangles.  Fold them in and repeat on the opposite side.  Punch holes at the top on each side and a ribbon tied through will hold it all together.  I have a small bag of candy corn inside mine.

For the pixie stix pouches, the base is 10”x3” minus a smidge!  The belly band is 2½”x6”.  I cut the pouch just a smidge smaller than 3” wide so that the belly band would fit around and touch in the back even if the kids folded a bit wonky.  We did not glue the pouch sides but rather let the belly band hold it together since the kids glued the daylights out of it!   We used the 1¾” circle punch to punch out a ‘scoop’ on the front flap of the pouch. 

Hope that answers your questions – if not, holler and I’ll try again!  :0)

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