Candy Coated Halloween Pretzel Rods

Hi – I’ve been wanting to try this treat ever sincenewly imported 966 I found these cool long cello bags and wondered what I could put in them.  Pretzel rods seemed to be a perfect fit but too plain – so why not dip them in candy coating and cover them with sprinkles?!!  Surely that would be more exciting! :0)  Then the challenge became to make the topper for each bag different.  I think the pumpkin one is my favorite!  Or maybe the mummy…  Each one is made on a Top Note folded newly imported 961in half over the top of the   cello bag.  The Top Note is cut from a Big Shot die, a must have toy!  It makes projects like this so easy when you can cut out all 5 Top Notes at once.  Hope you like them!  Holler if you want any more specific details.  Thanks for stopping by -