Other box samples

Hi - Here are a few of the boxes others have made with my tutorial.  They are really adorable! : )  Love to see all that creativity out there....

card box project

This one was made by Lorie.  Love the off-center tab on the lid and the skinny little butterfly body!  Nicely done : )

Cheryl made one too and posted her's on SplitCoast: 
I made a box - your instructions are great! Here is a link to my box:

Jenn made one as well and posted it on her amazing blog:
Kirstin--Just had the opportunity to use the tutorial I purchased from you to create this size of the flip top box, and I love the results!

Here's mine:  http://justforyoubyjenn.blogspot.com/2009/07/sweet-storage-reminiscent-of-crayons.html

Thanks so much for the great work!  Can't wait to bring these to my customers!

Be sure to check them out!  Thanks ladies for sharing your projects!!  Thanks for stopping by-