Bella Rose Quilted card set

Hi - We are finally at the end of the school year and I've been working on a few teacher gifts.  My younger son's teacher is a wonderful quilter and so I thought I'd try making a set of cards for her that look (somewhat!) like little quilts.  I used the Bella Rose DSP and Kiwi Kiss or Riding Hood Red cardstock for the bases. 

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I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but here's what I did.  I cut 6 pieces of white cardstock at 4 ¼ x 5 ½.  Then I decided on my pattern for each quilt.  After I cut the pieces (or punched them for the squares pattern), I placed them on the white cardstock like I wanted them.  Some of the pieces went off the edge of the white piece but that's ok.  Then I sandwiched another white piece on top, lifted the 'sandwich' and flipped it over.  Take the now top piece off and your pattern pieces will be upside-down on that second white piece.  I put Snail on the first white piece - not too much or it makes your sewing needle sticky! Then carefully place the white piece back on the pattern pieces.  Flip it back over and the pieces should stick.  Trim around the edges to square it off again.  Sew in a zig-zag over all the lines where two pieces meet.  Then I trimmed each piece down to 4 x 5 ¼ and adhered it to my base.  I kept the greeting and embellishments pretty simple because the cards were already kinda busy!  You can click on each card to make it bigger and easier to see.  Hope you like them! Thanks for stopping by -