Another flip top box

Hi - Thanks for all the kind comments about my box yesterday!  I got a few emails about where I got the template and to answer that, I made it up myself.  I had a stack of cards I wanted a box for so I created one out of two regular pieces of cardstock - but it was too skinny to hold 12 cards so I made a fatter one!  I'm sure there are similar boxes out there, but I wanted one that was simple and had straight-forward measurements.  I don't like measuring 3/8ths or 7/8ths so I tend to stick with easier numbers and use as much of the cardstock as I can...I get stingy with my paper! :]  So I'll work on a tutorial for those that are interested.  In the meantime, here's another one I did.  Also uses the Walk in the Park DSP.  It's not my favorite - I like the other one better!  Maybe you'll like it better than I do!  Thanks for stopping by -


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