Tuesday, April 7, 2009

White embossed card set

Hi - This set of cards uses the big shot and the circle scissor plus - a lot!  I made 6 of each card so I got lots of practice using the texture plates and cutting out circles. :]  I wanted each card to have the same layout and the same colors but look totally different from the rest of the cards.  I put each set of cards in a clear card box and made a cute belly band to go around it and finish it off.  Thanks for stopping by!




Nat said...

You are AMAZING and do incredible work! Absolutely amazing and creative! :) Nat

colleen said...

You rock!!!!
You are so creative. But we all know that. :)
Your blog makes me smile. Thanks

Rhonda said...

Hey Kristin,

I really like these cards. The designs are very classic but fun too.This is a great idea!

ngoc said...

This is a very crisp, versitile, beautiful card!! Very inspiring.